Protan Design Roofs

Our flexible solutions help to enhance the architecture, as well as the building's appearance and identity. The roof helps to send a message about the building's purpose, character and relationship with the surroundings.

The roof is the building's fifth façade

Profiles and different colour choices on a roof can help generate attention and interest for the building. Our products and solutions also guarantee a durable roof with a long life.

Weather-tight roofs with a long life

Our roofing and membrane systems are documented to provide weather-tight roofs with long life expectancies, mechanical strength and minimal maintenance requirements, while covering every requirement in terms of quality, flexibility, adaptability and aesthetics.

Choice of colours and profiles

Our Design Roof solutions provide quality, function, design and innovation. Thanks to a free choice of colours and profiles, there are all sorts of ways to create a roof with an exclusive, innovative appearance. Our solutions can be installed simply and safely, regardless of whether the roof is flat, sloped, curved, or has a more demanding design.

Omega profile

The profile is shaped like an “Ω”, hence the name. The profiles are welded onto the membrane after installation without perforating it. The shape gives depth and interest to large roof surfaces and can also be used to create pattern effects. The profiles can be spaced at any distance to suit the design of the building.

Exposed Roofing

Our high quality solutions for exposed roofs have a long life, are robust in all climates and provide sustainable roofs of a high technical standard.

Ballasted and Green Roofs

Covered membranes in roof structures are generally referred to as ballasted or protected roofs. The ballast can be concrete slabs, pebbles or soil as the basis for a green roof.

Protan Prefabricated details

Protan has one of the widest ranges of prefabricated details on the market, including details for corners, pipes and upstands.