Exposed Roofing

Our high quality solutions for exposed roofs have a long life, are robust in all climates and provide sustainable roofs of a high technical standard.

Robust quality solutions

Protan offers a range of hight quality products for exposed roofs. The products are secured mechanically, by vacuum, or by full bonding to the roof structure. The roof coverings are ideally suited to flat and sloped roofs on new build and renovation projects. Protan's roof coverings and membranes are reinforced and coated with PVC-P (plasticised).

Protan's roof coverings:

  • withstand high and low temperatures
  • are UV resistant
  • are self-extinguishing
  • have excellent puncture resistance
  • are welded with hot air

Most suitable

Our products have excellent tear strength, which is particularly important when it comes to preventing wind damage in areas exposed to extreme wind. Our roof covering is the most suitable product to install in severe cold weather, a clear advantage during winters and in cold climates.

Anti slip

The roof membranes have a textured surface, which provides an anti slip surface. Compared with non-textured roof coverings, this provides an important safety factor during both installation and maintenance.


Our roof membranes for exposed roofs are self-extinguishing. This means that they do not help fire to spread. They are fire classified according to EN 13501-5 on most substrates. A full overview can be found at and in the SINTEF technical approval for the roof coverings.

No naked flames required

Protan's membranes and roof coverings are welded only with hot air, making them a safe method to install a roof. By choosing Protan's solutions, the building owner avoids taking a risk during the installation period.


Protan FG is a flexible membrane suitable for both exposed roofs and protected constructions. The membrane is suitable for all building sectors, including new build and refurbishment. Protan FG can be mechanically fastened to the load bearing substrate or installed loose laid and secured with ballast.

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Protan standard overlap system

The Protan Standard Overlap System with mechanical fastening can be installed on all types of substrate, and used on both new build and renovation projects.

Protan vacuum roof system

Protan Vacuum Roofing is a unique system that does not require fasteners or adhesives to be used on the roof surface. The wind forces create a vacuum effect that sucks the membrane firmly onto the roof structure. The windier it is, the better the system works.

Protan prefabricated sheets

Protan Prefabricated Sheets system is the best and fastest solution in wind-exposed areas, so it is ideal when the roof has to be covered quickly.

Protan secret fix system

The Protan Secret Fix System uses a membrane in 2-metre widths with extra strong strips welded transversely to the underside for mechanical fastening.

Protan adhered roof system

Fully adhered solutions can be appropriate where perforation of the vapour control layer is undesirable or the substrate makes mechanical fastening difficult or impossible.

Protan 2X

With Protan 2X, one layer is installed first to provide watertight roofing during the construction period and a work platform. Then another layer is installed when the building work is complete.