Protan Dual Roofing Systems

Dual solutions have insulation both over and under the membrane. The membrane is provided with extra protection against temperatures and mechanical loading from both sides.

Insulation over and under the membrane

Insulation with high compressive strength and low water absorption is used on top of the membrane. With these constructions we recommend laying the insulation boards using tongue and groove, or in two staggered layers to minimise cold bridging and foreign bodies from penetrating the insulation layer and then the membrane. A separation layer is laid on top of the insulation before the ballast for protection. Migration barriers are used to prevent contact between the insulation and membrane. The insulation boards have to be ballasted so as to withstand wind forces and any uplift.


The load bearing contruction can be installed flat, as the required fall can be incorporated in the insulation under the membrane.

Protan Dual Roofing System is a good alternative in connection with additional insulation of Protan Normal Roofing System if the membrane is in good condition.


Protan G Membrane

G membrane that is glass fibre reinforced for gravel ballasted, inverted and green roofs. It can withstand extreme climates and microbe attack.

Protan GG Membrane

green roofs and car parks can be made with Protan GG membran.It is root resistant and has high load and pressure bearing capacity.

Protan Prefabricated details

Protan has one of the widest ranges of prefabricated details on the market, including details for corners, pipes and upstands.