Protan Normal Roofing System

The Protan Normal Roofing System is an insulated construction with the membrane directly under the ballast.

Membrane over the insulation

The roof is built up on the load-bearing structure with the vapour control layer at the bottom, followed by insulation, Protan membrane and then the ballast on top. The ballast is often pebbles or paving slabs. The fall requirements for the construction can be incorporated into the deck substrate or the insulation under the membrane.

Ballast type options

A normal ballasted roof with paving slabs is suitable for situations where foot traffic is expected, such as terraced areas for recreational use or frequent service access. Such roofs are used for both heavy load-bearing structures made of concrete and light load-bearing structures made of sheet steel. The composition principle is the same for both solutions. The heavy structure may be most suited to premises with a high moisture content, for example, while the light structure may be most suited to warehouses and the like. Pebbles may be used as ballast where the foot traffic is limited to minimal maintenance and inspection access only.


Protan G Membrane

G membrane that is glass fibre reinforced for gravel ballasted, inverted and green roofs. It can withstand extreme climates and microbe attack.

Protan GG Membrane

green roofs and car parks can be made with Protan GG membran.It is root resistant and has high load and pressure bearing capacity.

Protan Prefabricated details

Protan has one of the widest ranges of prefabricated details on the market, including details for corners, pipes and upstands.