Protan Ballasted Roofs

Covered water pressure membranes in roof structures are generally referred to as protected roofs. The ballast material may be concrete slabs, shingle, or soil as the surface for a planted roof.


The shingle ballast gives the roof an attractive appearance, as well as good fire resistance. The shingle's heat capacity, light-reflecting ability and moisture retention are all factors that help to ensure a cooler indoor climate during the hot summer months.

In protected roof solutions, the roofing layer is added as a loose covering without using attachment materials on the roof surface. This ensures simple and effective installation, but requires a linear mechanical anchoring along all terminations, break points and edge trims. Extra ballast in corners and edge zones may be necessary in harsh environments. In such cases, shingle should be replaced by concrete slabs, and in extreme cases concrete screeds are recommended.

The product recommended for shingle-based roofs is Protan G Membrane. The membrane withstands rot and is stabilised to resist UV radiation, heat and microbes. For roof structures that are exposed to extra loads, Protan GG Membrane are recommended, as they are somewhat thicker than Protan G Membrane.

Protan Inverted Roofing Systems

Inverted roofs are an insulated, ballasted roof structure with the membrane under the insulation.

Protan Dual Roofing Systems

Dual solutions have insulation both over and under the membrane. The membrane is provided with extra protection against temperatures and mechanical loading from both sides.

Protan Normal Roofing System

The Protan Normal Roofing System is an insulated construction with the membrane directly under the ballast.