Protan Hangar systems

Protan hangar systems can be use to build robust and huge storage structures. These structures may be used for airplanes and military equipments.

Protan manufactures PVC sealing material for tailor-made hanger solutions around the world - from arctic regions to the tropics - for storage of equipment and service at airport areas for airline companies, military airplanes and small planes.

The product is manufactured from a durable material that can be used for many purposes.

Protan Hangar Systems give you flexibility and meet your needs for safety and practical solutions either for storage of military equipment, airplane materials, service parts and repairs of airplanes.

Our sealing materials for halls are made of flame retardant and weather-resistant material and are available in several colours. The sealant material is delivered with a varnished or unvarnished surface. The products are weldable with HF, warm air and heat sources.

Protan Storage Systems can be manufactured according to measurements with printing on the sheet in order to meet your needs.