Keeping track of the Airflow

Virinco Technology, a company specializing in developing and delivering custom solutions for a diverse range of customers, recently collaborated with Protan AS to develop an airflow sensor for our Ventiflex systems.


This successful partnership utilized the expertise of both companies to create a solution that enhances safety measures for our systems. After extensive research and development, we are proud to announce that the sensors called Protan VentiSmart are now operational. These sensors are capable of detecting damages or tears that may occur in Ventiflex ducting.

The Genesis of Collaboration

In Protan, we had an idea for a product that would monitor and detect holes and leaks in Ventiflex ducting, and was in search of a partner to assist in the creation of a sensor of this kind. We wanted a solution that could be easily deployed globally, and ensure the safety and efficiency of our systems. Virinco Technologies, being a local firm in Drammen with extensive expertise in sensor technology, was seen as the ideal partner. The proximity allowed for close collaboration, which was pivotal in the conceptualization and development phases of the Protan VentiSmart sensor.

During the collaboration project, we worked closely to ensure that the airflow sensors met the specific requirements. To achieve this, we exchanged ideas, conducted thorough research, and utilized Virincos expertise in sensor technology. The goal was to create a solution that would provide enhanced safety measures for the ventilation systems. After the sensors were developed, they were tested and installed in different tunnels in Norway, with great success.

A pilot project in Austria

As part of a test pilot, the airflow sensors are mounted onto the Protan Ventiflex ducting along a 25 km water tunnel in Kühtai, Tirol, Austria. This project is part of the expansion of the existing power plant facility, which requires excavation of the tunnel, construction of a new reservoir with a 113 m high dam, and the establishment of an underground pumped storage power plant.

The sensors utilize advanced and intelligent software to analyze patterns and identify any irregularities in the airflow. By continuously monitoring the airflow in the Ventiflex ducting, the Virinco sensors can detect damages or tears, ensuring prompt action can be taken to prevent dramatically increased energy consumption and cost. The system, Protan VentiSmart, will also monitor the return air (airflow out of the tunnel) to secure fresh air and a healthy environment for the people working in the tunnel.

Advantages of the Virinco Airflow Sensor:

  • Detect leakage and duct damage – Reduce energy cost by minimizing air loss and improving efficiency
  • Monitor return Air – Ensure air quality requirements
  • Low power – Long battery life
  • LoRa Radio – Long transmission range
  • Wireless – Easy installation
  • Cloud-based user interface – Easy access

Advantages of Protan VentiSmart:

  • Protan is the only supplier that can deliver such a monitoring system that is wireless, and also minimizes the number of components in the system.
  • VentiSmart minimizes the possibilities for turbulence in the area where the sensors are located, since the sensors are small and additionally attached to the tube wall.