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Be prepared when the heavy rain hits

Protan has two unique solutions to deal with storm water management on the roof.


Water attenuation on roofs

We have long experience in supporting property developers, architects and engineers to make use of the potential of their roofs.

If the roof of your building is starting to reach the end of its lifetime, or you need to make extensive improvements due to age and wear, you will need to replace the roof. We can certainly help you with this, but it can also be a good opportunity to evaluate whether the roof can be better utilised.

Traditionally, a roof is an unused surface, a dead area without particular value for the building’s owner. However, there are many opportunities to use the roof surface to add more value. Could it be used for water attenuation or help to prevent ground floor flooding? Could a roof terrace increase the value of the property – both economically and for those who live and work in the building? Can solar panels be placed on the roof? Will a green roof solution make the building more aesthetically pleasing, thus increasing the value of the property?

Protan has been nominated for the Norwegian Building Industry Innovation Prize twice; in 2017 for the Protan BlueProof water drainage concept and in 2019 for the blue-green version of BlueProof Green.




A wide selection of high-quality roof coverings and membranes.

Technical Documents

Technical Documents

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Technical Drawings

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Browse all of our roofing products, accessories and tools

Protan products have among the lowest carbon footprints in the category of roofing materials. Here you can browse our products by category or application area.

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Michal Miasek

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