It's all about reflection

The Protan Cool Roof solution uses a white roof covering, with a documented high sun reflectance value to reduce the need for cooling the building internally.


Protan Cool Roof

High Sun Reflection reduces the need for cooling.

A white roof covering with a high solar reflectance index significantly lowers temperatures in a compact warm roof construction as compared with darker coloured roof coveringss.

Protan Cool Roof system is therefore well-suited to buildings where heat from sunlight and temperature are a concern; for example, cold storage buildings or roofs on which solar panels will be mounted.

A white Cool Roof has many sustainability advantages: a high solar reflectance value makes the roof more durable, reduces the building’s energy needs for cooling purposes and counteracts warming of the surrounding urban areas (Urban Heat Island Effect). Even in cooler climates it is advisable to lay a white roof covering in front of the air intake area of, for example, an air conditioning system. This is because the temperature in these areas will be considerably colder than on the rest of the surface.

Products used in a Protan Cool Roof system are a white Protan SE, either mechanically installed or as a vacuum roof.

Protan Cool Roof is tested in accordance with ASTM C 1549-04 and ASTM C 1371-04a using approved methods as required by the Cool Roof Rating Council (CRRC).



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Technical Documents

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