A new roof over the old one

A new roof over the old one

The lifespan of a roof depends on several factors. Inspection and maintenance are crucial, as is the quality of product and installation alike.


For a good result when renovating a roof, it is vital to assess all the elements in the roof structure and repair them if necessary.

  • Does your roof meet current insulation thickness requirements?
  • Is the roof designed for increased snow loading?
  • Is the roof's drainage adequately calculated?
  • Does the roof have a large enough fall to remove rainwater?
  • Does the roof meet current fire safety requirements?
  • Can the roof be inspected and maintained safely?
  • Does any of the work require planning permission?

The condition of the roof should be checked in advance in order to clarify what work needs to be carried out.

Special product for renovation

Protan EX is our special product for renovating bituminous roof coverings. It has been developed for cold climates and can be installed whatever the weather.

  • Polyester-reinforced membrane
  • Polyester fleece laminated to the reverse Can be laid directly on old roofs or wooden structures
  • Withstands temperature fluctuations of more than 100°C on the roof surface
  • Can be installed on both flat and sloped roofs
  • Can be fastened mechanically or secured using the vacuum roof concept
  • Hot-air welded
  • Available in several colours

The membrane is provided with a wide range of ready-to-use details. Prefabricated details for drains, ventilation boxes, gutters and parapets reliably take care of weatherproofing.

Used in combination with Protan's profile roofing on sloped and curved surfaces, an architectural profile can create depth and character on the roof surface. This is a great alternative to triangular battens and standing-seam roofing.

Extra insulation, U value and fall - simple energy saving

Adding extra insulation when renovating a roof is probably the simplest energysaving measure with the shortest payback period for an existing building. We recommend considering this when renovating the roof. With an expected life of at least 25-30 years, it will be a long time before there is another favourable opportunity. The indoor climate will improve into the bargain.

Better runoff

Protan is happy to assist with calculating U values and structuring the fall so as to improve runoff on the roof. The insulation can be laid in an even thickness if there is a fall already in the substrate. Where the base is nearly horizontal, tapered insulation can be offered. Tapered insulation is laid towards a low point to ensure drainage towards rainwater outlets. Retrofitting insulation may require increasing upstand, parapet and handrail height. This may require planning permission, so we recommend checking with the local authority.

In the case of extra insulation, Protan SE is used together with a relevant migration barrier in the same way as for new builds, depending on the type of insulation used.

Drains and overflows

Existing drains can be reused in many cases, but must be assessed in collaboration with the roofing contractor or drainage engineer. Fitting overflows is recommended when renovating a roof, as they will also provide warning of blocked drains.



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Technical Documents

Technical Documents

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Technical Drawings

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