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Ventilation and waterproofing systems for tunnels and mines

Tunnel waterproofing is a crucial process that protects underground passageways from the relentless power of water. As underground arteries that facilitate transportation and infrastructure networks, tunnels are constantly at risk of water ingress, which can lead to structural damage, corrosion, and compromised safety. Tunnel waterproofing involves the application of specialized techniques and materials to create an impermeable barrier that prevents water from entering into the tunnel.


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Tunnels and other underground infrastructure play an important role in a well-functioning society. This critical infrastructure has to continuously tolerate heavy stress and last not just for decades, but centuries. Water pressure, toxic chemicals and bacteria, gas diffusion, geostatic stress, traffic vibrations, extreme temperature swings, other weather and climate stresses – the list of what underground infrastructure must tolerate is long. This is why it is vital that high-quality materials and protection systems with a long lifetime are used.

Protan range of solutions for tunnels and underground structures has been created and designed to meet the requirements of designers and installer respectively. Protan range of synthetic solutions, offers an excellent weldability, flexibility, mechanical strength, resistance to microorganisms and perforation by roots with an excellent service life to accomplish the most engineering projects. Our membranes are manufactured in our factories and have UNI ENISO 9001 and 140001. The products fully comply with all relevant EU and D standards as well as having many other local accreditations.

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A waterproofing and ventilation team that works exclusively on civil engineering projects. They are technically astute to ensure you receive the correct support at the project design stage and during implementation. Working closely with the R&D department, the T&M Team develops new solutions adapted to and compatible with various construction materials. Across the globe, these specialists work closely with designers, engineers, general contractors, and applicators, providing support for the successful completion of waterproofing and ventilation projects.

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