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The Architect's Complete Guide to Roofs

Being an architect means considering all aspects of a building long before a project comes to fruition. This often involves a significant and complex search through local & national regulations and mediocre online stores. In other words, it results in a loss of valuable time and energy. The solution? Our resource bank for you - everything in one place.


Here you will find our top resources, completely free:

  • Advice for specific issues
  • Technical documentation
  • Regulations
  • BIM tools
  • Calculators

All summarised just for you. For years, our experts have provided professional guidance to building and civil engineers, main contractors, and architects in their tasks.

The purpose of this is to give you more time to focus on what you're good at and contribute as much as possible to improving all the projects you're involved in. If you have any questions or if there's something missing here, don't hesitate to contact us - our experienced advisors are here to assist you!