Protan SE Membrane

Whether it is flat or curved, SE membrane manufactured by Protan can be fitted everywhere. The softened PVC membrane adapts to climates with ease.

The Protan SE membrane series is a polyester reinforced PVC membrane that is used on exposed roof surfaces. It can be fastened mechanically or laid loose in a vacuum roof system. The membrane can be laid on all types of substrates, including both warm and cold roofs. Protan SE membrane can be used on all shapes and combinations of roofs – flat, pitched roofs and curved.

We offer the Protan SE membrane products to customers, whom recommend install exposed roofing in systems with vacuum or mechanical fastening. These roofing systems are suitable for flat and pitched roofs on new builds and renovation projects.

The membrane is made of softened PVC and has polyester yarn reinforcement. Protan SE membrane contains stabilizers that allow the produce to withstand high and low temperatures, and the products are UV and flame retardant.

The products are highly tear-resistant, which is particularly important for mechanical fastening on roofs exposed to wind. Protan SE membrane, which remains flexible in cold temperatures, is the easiest product to install in harsh temperatures, which is an advantage in Nordic climates.

The Protan membrane products feature a unique non-slip surface as standard that provides an aesthetically pleasing surface. Compared with materials without a non-slip surface, this represents a significant safety factor when walking on the roof particulary in wet weather during installation and regular maintenance.

The non-slip surface is also aesthetically pleasing. The membrane is welded together using hot air.

1.2 mm
1.6 mm
1.8 mm
2.0 mm

Standard widths:
1.0 m
2.0 m

Standard roll lengths:
20 m for thickness 1.2 mm and 1.6 mm
15 m for thickness 1.8 mm and 2.0 mm

Dark grey F94
Light grey F 91
Verdigris green F41
Red F12
White/Cool Roof F01
Black FX9

*Prices will vary depending on the choice of colour

Protan Exposed Roof SE, Protan Terrace T, SE-L og Protan SE Titanium+ fulfils the requirements of class BROOF (t1) and (t2) according to EN 13501-5 for all underlay except EPS/XPS-insulation.

When using a migration barrier of at least 120 g/m² glass felt, Protan Exposed Roof SE, Protan Terrace T, SE-L og Protan SE Titanium+ fulfils class BROOF (t1) and (t2) also on EPS/XPS-insulation.

Protan Exposed Roof EX satisfies the requirements of class BROOF (t2) and (t1) in accordance with EN 13501-5 on underlay of old roofing membranes.

Protan Exposed Roof EXG fulfils class BROOF (t2) and (t1) according to EN 13501-5 for all underlay.

The testing is carried out in accordance with ENV 1187-2 and ENV 1187-1.



Airborne fire tests of roof membranes for rating in Europe are carried out according to the test methods prEN*)1187. This is divided into four parts:

  • prEN1187 part 1,  known as the German fire test
  • prEN1187 part 2,  known as the Nordic fire test
  • prEN1187 part 3,  known as the French fire test
  • prEN1187 part 4,  known as the British fire test

*) prEN, where 'pr' means 'Preliminary', E-European and N-Norm. Alternatively, 'ENV' is also used, where 'V' stands for  “Vornorm”.

It is up to the authorities of a country to decide which of the four parts/methods will be accepted. After satisfactory testing, the roof membrane can be classified in accordance with EN13501-5 for the applicable surface it was tested on and receives the classification:

  • BROOF(t1) in accordance with EN13501-5 and ENV 1187 part 1,
  • BROOF(t2) in accordance with EN13501-5 and ENV 1187 part 2,
  • BROOF(t3) in accordance with EN13501-5 and ENV 1187 part 3,
  • BROOF(t4) in accordance with EN13501-5 and ENV 1187 part 4,

Contact Protan for an overview of all relevant fire classifications.

We have solutions for BROOF(t1),BROOF(t2), BROOF(t3) and BROOF(t4) classifications for most relevant surfaces.


Protan standard overlap system

The Protan Standard Overlap System with mechanical fastening can be installed on all types of substrate, and used on both new build and renovation projects.

Protan prefabricated sheets

Protan Prefabricated Sheets system is the best and fastest solution in wind-exposed areas, so it is ideal when the roof has to be covered quickly.

Protan secret fix system

The Protan Secret Fix System uses a membrane in 2-metre widths with extra strong strips welded transversely to the underside for mechanical fastening.

Protan vacuum roof system

Protan Vacuum Roofing is a unique system that does not require fasteners or adhesives to be used on the roof surface. The wind forces create a vacuum effect that sucks the membrane firmly onto the roof structure. The windier it is, the better the system works.

Protan Design Roofs

Our flexible solutions help to enhance the architecture, as well as the building's appearance and identity. The roof helps to send a message about the building's purpose, character and relationship with the surroundings.

Protan Cool Roofs

Protan Cool Roof is a system that uses a white membrane with a documented high solar reflectance index (SRI) – and less need for cooling.

Protan Solar Roofs

Protan Solar Roof is a concept that paves the way for photovoltaic or thermal panels to be installed on roofs covered with Protan membrane.

Residential and recreational property

Protan has roofs and membranes for all kinds of properties.Available in varying colours,the products are durable and require less maintenance.

Protan Prefabricated details

Protan has one of the widest ranges of prefabricated details on the market, including details for corners, pipes and upstands.