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Rapid installation and a speedy building process

When a vacuum roof is exposed to wind forces, negative pressure is generated in the layer between the membrane and an airtight, loadbearing substrate. This makes our vacuum roofing ideal for harsh climates.


Protan Vacuum Roof

The Protan vacuum roof system guarantees rapid installation and a speedy building process.

There is no need for fasteners on the roof surface, so the vapour control layer is not punctured. The membrane is laid in two or four metre widths on the roof, then air sealed against the parapet and around any penetrations.

The solution requires fewer welded joints and is ideal for projects with strict air-tightness requirements, such as passive houses.

Our vacuum roof system is also perfect for buildings with high humidity, such as swimming pool centres, breweries, etc. If moisture becomes trapped in the roof structure, the vacuum roof system can help to vent it.

Noise-free installation

Drilling noise can be a problem with roof renovation. Installing a Protan vacuum roof system reduces the amount of noise during installation, which is a major benefit for those using buildings such as offices, hospitals, schools and other institutions.

How it works

Many millions of square metres of Protan vacuum roofing have been installed all over Europe. We use our extensive expertise and experience to calculate the ideal solution for our clients. The vacuum roof system is suitable to both new builds and the refurbishment of roofs. The solution requires an air tight layer in the substructure. It is therefore well suited to the refurbishment, where the existing roofing and method of attachments are assessed as being in good condition.

Depending on the substrate, Protan SE or Protan EX is used as the roof covering for vacuum roof system. Vacuum vents are installed on the roof to release the excess pressure that is created between the roof covering and the airtight substrate. The vents are located on the roof surface in places where the negative pressure is greatest, particularly around the corners and edges.



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Technical Drawings

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