Documentation and Resources - Everything You Need

Documentation and Resources - Everything You Need

At Protan, we want you to find all drawings and documentation in one place. Feel free to share with your colleagues, as it can provide value to more people.


Not everyone can be specialists in every detail of a building. That's why we have created navigation links to technical drawings and specifications according to NS3420. Here you will find many details on:

  • Various technical details in PDF and DWG
  • Specification texts in PDF and XML
  • Our roofing solutions as BIM model files

All our products and systems are approved by SINTEF. These can also be useful if you require any technical clarifications.

If there are any solutions you are missing, we would love to hear from you. Please get in touch, and we will see if we can resolve it while also improving our services in the process.

Example of 3D and DWG

Finn våre BIM-modeller og alle andre ressurser her

Find our BIM models and all other resources here.

All our drawings and specifications are organized based on the roofing solution you are looking for and are listed below. Looking for a BIM model for green roofs? Click on green roofs. Need a solution for solar panels on roofs in DWG format? Click on roof solar panels.

All our BIM models

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