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Roofing & Buildings: Espen Moe's Expanded Role in Global and Nordic Markets

We're excited to introduce Espen Moe, our Chief Commercial Officer of Roofing & Buildings at Protan. Espen has a Master Degree in Mechanical engineering with extensive experience in international business and management.

Prior to joining Protan, he worked at Kongsberg Automotive, where he gained extensive knowledge across various areas, including sales, project management, production management, R&D and held international management positions both in Norway and by living abroad. Since 2017, he has been part of the Protan team, overseeing our global sales, R&D, and production not only for the roofing industry, but also within tunneling and mining. Moving forward, Espen will take on responsibility for the Nordic market, in addition to his global duties. The responsibility for water protection of tunnels and mines is from now on under Frank Utheim.



“The ambition for Roofing & Building is, of course, for us to grow. We will increase sales with existing customers, acquire new customers and broaden the product range to the market and strengthen our market presence. We will create a more product-oriented organization and bring in systems thinking”, Espen explains.

Espen's new role as Chief Commercial Officer of Roofing & Buildings at Protan comes as a result of changes in the organization and management structure - an important step in adapting to the rapid developments in the market. His leadership style is result-driven, emphasizing goal-setting, responsibility and continuous development for both individuals and the company. Espen values passion, collaboration, quality and responsibility.

He takes great pride in the achievements of his team, particularly in establishing new production facilities in Poland and Turkey. He recognizes areas for improvement within the company and views these challenges as opportunities for accelerated growth in the coming years.

Motivated by the prospect of creating growth and fostering innovation, Espen thrives on leading, motivating, and engaging people. He finds joy in witnessing the tangible results of long-term efforts and the positive impact on our business.

We wish Espen the best of luck in his new role and look forward to the exciting projects ahead!

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