A Journey of 25 Years: Protan's Gratitude for the Maleko Partnership

A Journey of 25 Years: Protan's Gratitude for the Maleko Partnership

This autumn marked 25 years of successful cooperation with Maleko Ltd, our distributor in Estonia. We celebrated this significant milestone on 30th November in Tallinn with the Maleko team, who were honoured by Protan COO Espen Moe, MD Sales Eastern Europe Michal Miasek, International Sales Manager Frank Tore Johansen and Area Technical Sales Representatives Paavo Penjam and Aimar Apri. We wish Maleko all the best and look forward to new achievements in the future.


About Maleko

AS Maleko is an Estonian privately-owned construction company founded in 1991. Their primary activities include the construction of flat roofs, waterproofing works, installation of profiled sheets, and sandwich-type roof and wall panels, as well as the sale of roofing materials. The construction and repair of flat roofs constitute the main and largest part of their business. Maleko utilizes high-quality materials sourced from Norway, Germany, the Netherlands, Italy, and Lithuania. All roofing materials are directly supplied from the factories.

Maleko is the oldest and one of the largest importers of roofing materials in Estonia. They specialize in selling bituminous materials and PVC roofing and waterproofing products.

Visit their website here https://maleko.ee/en/