Protan, is proud to announce the inauguration of a new production plant in Stęszew, Poland. The factory manufactures high-quality thermoplastic membranes for the global roofing industry. The investment of approximately 11 million Euros confirms the commitment to excellence and innovation that defines Protan. With a production capacity of approximately 8 million square meters of thermoplastic membranes per year in Poland, Protan is well positioned to meet the increased demands of the roofing industry throughout Europe.

The Grand opening of the PROline took place at the 20th of September. Local people from Stęszew, management from Norway, Protan Polska, and Protan Elmark attended for this celebration of the successful move from Gebze in Turkey to Stęszew just outside Poznan.


Protan Group CEO Erik Øyno is enthusiastic about the new operation in Stęszew, Poland and states; “The establishment of our thermoplastic roof production line in Poland is physical evidence of Protan’s commitment to the roofing market in Central Europe, and specifically the Polish market. Our strategy is to be a major player in the European roofing business with our extensive product range supplying all components for delivering sustainable environmentally friendly roof solutions with a low CO2 footprint.

Protan’s COO, Espen Moe, shares Øyno’s enthusiasm; “Our 6 factory locations are aligned with Protan’s production strategy to be global and close to our markets with production facilities”.

Øyno continues to state that numerous people in more than three countries have been critical for creating and ensuring this success. All Protan employees in Poland have done an outstanding job in getting the factory up and running. Vice President at Protan Elmark has also played a significant role in the building project and has warmly welcomed his new colleagues at Protan Polska with enthusiasm. I express my gratitude to all involved parties both Protan employees as well as all others being involved in ensuring the successful launch of our new production line.

Øyno underlines that “now that we are up and running at full speed, at full capacity with superior quality he is impressed by, and grateful for the commitment of the entire Polish team.”

Protan is Proud to have PROline in place and is eager to continue producing high-quality thermoplastic membranes for the global roofing industry.