Why choose SE?

We give you our best reasons!

The Protan SE series represents an innovative solution for roofing, designed to meet the demanding conditions of Nordic climates. This polyester-reinforced PVC roofing membrane offers exceptional adaptability and durability, suitable for both warm compact roofs and cold, ventilated roofs.


Fire Safety

SE stands for "self-extinguishing" and does not burn on its own energy. Protan SE is heat-welded, which minimizes fire hazard and simplifies the installation process.


Can be installed in all types of weather. Adapts easily to varying temperatures and remains flexible and easy to work with in cold Nordic climates. The roofing membrane can be installed on most types of roofs, including flat, sloped, and curved surfaces.


Unique non-slip surface/texture provides good friction. Compared to smooth roofing membranes, this represents a significant safety factor during installation, in wet conditions, and during maintenance work.


Protan SE is extremely tear-resistant, critical for roofs exposed to strong winds, and has a documented long lifespan.

Custom Sizes

Available in a width of 1.72 meters to streamline installation. Wind loads (in Sweden) require the most rational widths. To achieve the fastest installation and minimal manpower, a width of 172 cm including overlap is the preferred solution. Check our product range in our digital product catalog.


The Protan SE series is the result of meticulous Norwegian engineering and innovation, offering a reliable solution for modern construction projects that demand long-term protection and high performance. With over 80 years of manufacturing experience, Protan is dedicated to developing and rigorously testing our solutions and products. We conduct thorough checks of raw materials and production at our laboratory in Drammen. Learn more about our SE roofing membranes here.

Our roofing membranes are FM approved and meet strict international standards for safety and quality. We also strive to support the principles and practices of a circular economy by offering products that are fully demountable and recyclable.

Protan is proud to offer the construction industry products that not only deliver high performance but also support sustainable development. Our design office provides drawings and plans for roofing contractors, offering a detailed overview of material usage.