Protan SK vinyl wallpaper for office system walls

Protan has been manufacturing vinyl wallpaper since the 1950s. It is a specially developed textured wallpaper designed to meet the needs of modern office environments with flexible system layouts. With a wide range of colours and surface textures, the wallpaper offers the opportunity to create a modern and appealing working environment that meets both aesthetic and functional requirements.


The use of flexible system interiors is becoming increasingly popular when designing new office spaces, offering a number of advantages both during the initial construction process and in subsequent refurbishments. Flexible solutions make it easy to customise interiors to suit individual needs and preferences. The use of prefabricated building materials contributes to shorter construction times, reduced waste and less need for plastering and levelling at the construction site.

Production and delivery

SK vinyl wallpaper is delivered on rolls to system wall modules, where they install the wallpaper themselves to a suitable surface. The roll can be delivered in decreasing length and width (between 82 - 120 cm). Normal delivery time is approx. 3-4 weeks from the order date.

Technical characteristics

Protan SK vinyl wallpaper consists of a paper backing with a durable PVC surface, total weight approx. 300g/m². The wallpaper fulfils current DIN requirements for tensile strength, tear resistance and abrasion. The wallpaper has very good resistance to light transmission and the product is approved in accordance with the strictest fire requirements. The wallpaper has Sitac 1422 type approval surface class 1, glued to a non-combustible substrate or plasterboard (SINTEF/NBL) and is resistant to most common detergents. The wallpaper is maintenance-free.

Colours and textures/embossing

Protan SK vinyl wallpaper is offered in an extensive range of NCS colours and 4 different textures/embosses. This provides a diverse opportunity to create a modern and attractive working environment with a personal touch. With a wide range of colours, you can find the perfect shade to match your office's aesthetics and atmosphere. At the same time, the different textures provide variation and texture, adding visual interest and depth to the room. Whether you're looking for an elegant and subtle style or a more bold and eye-catching design, the wallpaper provides a wide range of colours and textures that can satisfy different preferences and needs.

Terje Lyshaug - KAM Industry, Roof and Membranes

Terje Lyshaug

KAM Industry, Roof and Membranes