Happy Prawns in Jæren

300 m2
300 m2
Siravågen, Rogaland
Siravågen, Rogaland

In a closed-down shrimp procession facility at the harbor in Sirevåg, Jæren, Norway a 200-thousand-liter tank is being filled with tropical king prawns. The concrete tank resembles more of a swimming pool than a typical aquaculture tank, both in size and shape, and is internally lined with Protan 724 BlueSafe™. Prefabricated membrane sheets from Protan's factory in Nesbyen have been assembled, customized on-site, and leak-tested by our technicians from Protan Contractor. This result in a liner that precisely fits the tank, providing a solid foundation for the cultivation of high-quality prawns.

Happy Prawns adopts a sustainability profile based on an environmentally friendly production method. No chemicals are used in either food or water, and there is no presence of microplastics or other debris. The closed system eliminates the spread of disease and ensures good animal welfare. There are no emissions from the production that could harm the marine environment.

Protan BlueSafe™ is an innovative series of PVC membranes:

  • BlueSafe™ has undergone extensive testing in both internal and external laboratories and has proven its performance in practical use. Numerous environmentally friendly features make it a leader in meeting the aquaculture industry's requirements for biosecurity and food safety.
  • BlueSafe™ is completely smooth and impermeable, with up to 70% less fouling. This minimizes cleaning and fouling, reducing time and costs for maintenance.
  • BlueSafe™ is treated on both sides with environmentally friendly lacquer and does not release microplastics.
  • BlueSafe™ is specially developed for use in saltwater and is approved for the storage of drinking water.
  • BlueSafe™ is manufactured in Norway and made from 100 % recyclable material, ensuring a low CO₂ footprint. After its lifespan, BlueSafe™ can be recycled through our collection system and reused.
  • BlueSafe™ is used for the storage of drinking water, in closed cage systems, lice skirts, and as liners for aquaculture tanks. It is also well-suited for lining both new and existing tanks for juvenile and cleaner fish. Read more about Protan 724 BlueSafe™
Jan Børge Harsvik - Sales Manager – Technical Textiles

Jan Børge Harsvik

Sales Manager – Technical Textiles