Land-based aquaculture facility, Inner Rosøy

Protan 724 BlueSafe
Protan 724 BlueSafe
5000 m2
5000 m2
Indre Rosøya, Norway
Indre Rosøya, Norway

Gigante Salmon is establishing three aquaculture pools on Little Inner Rosøy, Norway designed as flow-through systems. Optimal flow of fresh, pristine seawater throughout the production is ensured through water pumping, flow regulators inducing water movement, and specialized liners from Protan. Flow velocity can be adjusted to provide salmon with the desired counter-current flow for their well-being.

The aquaculture facility being constructed in Rødøy municipality in Helgeland, Northern Norway, is a flow-through system that combines the advantages of both traditional sea-based salmon farming and land-based aquaculture. This approach mitigates challenges associated with sea farming, such as lice and escape incidents, while enhancing fish welfare and reducing emissions and environmental impact. Gigante Salmon Rødøy AS has been granted permission to produce 13,731 MTB (metric tons biomass) on Little Inner Rosøy. Construction commenced in September 2021, with production scheduled to begin in January 2024.

The specialized liners supplied by Protan are fabricated at our factory in Nesbyen, Norway. These liners are manufactured using Protan 724 BlueSafe™, a unique PVC membrane designed for storing drinking water, closed cage systems, lice skirts, and as liners for aquaculture tanks. It is also well-suited for lining both new and existing tanks for juvenile and cleaner fish.

"Protan's products are inherently well-suited for our purpose, and time will tell if this provides us with the desired quality and biological fish welfare," says CEO Helge E. W. Albertsen of Gigante Salmon AS.

Photo: Gigante Salmon AS

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Jan Børge Harsvik - Sales Manager – Technical Textiles

Jan Børge Harsvik

Sales Manager – Technical Textiles