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NorLense - Inflatable tents

Protan 453, Protan 953 and Protan 453P
Protan 453, Protan 953 and Protan 453P

For many years, NorLense's tents have accommodated military, humanitarian and emergency response organisations around the world. NorLense has been recognised for its high quality, ease of use and reliability in all types of climate and weather conditions.

Key benefits of NorLens inflatable tents include excellent strength and durability, quick and easy set-up requiring minimal labour. The tents require minimal maintenance and have a low lifetime cost. The inflatable tents are manufactured at NorLense's production facility in Northern Norway, and are produced according to ISO 9001 and 14001 standards.

The tents are manufactured with Protan membranes with different properties. Among the qualities NorLense uses are:

Protan 453 - 700 gram tent and hall fabric that is very well suited to NorLense's tents. Protan 453 is an all-round membrane that is ideal for a wide range of applications. Doors for transport boxes, tunnel membranes, partition walls and other industrial applications. Read more about Protan 453

Protan 953 - light-tight 700 gram membrane that is highly functional as a light discipline measure for tactical situations. The membrane acts as a protective climate barrier in both single and double-layer constructions. Read more about Protan 953

Protan 453P - a unique 880 gram membrane used in tents as an integrated floor. The membrane is manufactured with embossing that provides good anti-slip properties. Read more about Protan 453P