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Extreme weather is the new normal

This is why Protan has developed a blue roof system that reduces the risk of flood damage.


Protan BlueProof

Protan BlueProof is sustainable, environmentally friendly and has a long life span. This blue roof is constructed to manage enormous amounts of precipitation.

We see it increasingly often in our towns and cities: torrential rain leads to flooding in the streets. The water- and drainage system is not built to handle such strong downpours. Every year the consequent damage amounts to billions.

We therefore need to establish a surface water system to tackle extreme weather. In built-up areas available space for this is limited. Besides, it is costly to dig up pavements and streets. The solution lies above us, where a Protan BlueProof transforms the roof into a surface water reservoir that slowly attenuates torrential rain into the drainage system.

Protan BlueProof attenuates the water

Effective water attenuation and secure surface water management are two important keywords to describe the technology behind Protan BlueProof.

On most ordinary roofs water drains away as quickly as possible. Protan BlueProof makes it possible to slow this down, so that the water is gradually, and in a controlled way, sent down into the drainage system. This is known as water attenuation.

This means that not all the precipitation is sent to the ground at the same time, but that some of the water stays on the roof. In this way, we avoid overwhelming the drainage system, which leads to flooding and flood damage.

How Protan BlueProof works

Most roofs are built to tolerate heavy weight. This is why it is usually fine to delay the runoff.

But consider a normal flat roof of 1 000 m2 with torrential rain coming down at 50 mm per hour. This means that the drainage system will be stressed with 50 cubic metres of water per hour.

However, if we hold the water back, it will pool on the roof at a rate of about 50 kg per square metre. This is only 20 percent of what the roof is designed to hold.

In the Nordic countries flat roofs can bear a lot of weight and, in most cases, can hold more than 300 mm of precipitation per square metre. This amounts to a whole 300 kg.

With Protan BlueProof, because the water is attenuated, it will take around 24 hours for the same 50 cubic metres of water to get to the drainage system.

Four reasons to choose Protan BlueProof

  • It is safe. The system is SINTEF-approved, developed with high competence, long experience and tried and trusted roofing traditions.
  • It is sustainable. It is the most climate friendly system for water attenuation.
  • It is cost-effective. BlueProof is the most economical system as compared with other water attenuation systems.
  • It saves space. The system frees up space that would otherwise be used for surface water management.

Protan offers security and competence

Protan offers all the necessary training for the installation of BlueProof and we are on site with our inhouse technicians for the first projects

Before the roof is installed, Protan employees and the roofing contractors will have been through the obligatory Takskole 1 (Roofing School 1). For BlueProof there is an additional section of the course about installation and functions related to this new technology.

In order for the roofing system to achieve SINTEF-approval, utførende ledd has to be qualified. There is no specific requirement for individual training, but Protan offers support throughout the entire project to ensure competence.

At the end of the project, we carry out function testing together with the roofing contractors. By choosing Protan BlueProof you get a blue roof that is equipped to handle the weather of today and the future.



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Technical Documents

Technical Documents

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Technical Drawings

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