Protect all roof types with Protan SE membranes

Protect all roof types with Protan SE membranes

Whether it is flat or curved, SE membrane manufactured by Protan can be fitted everywhere. The softened PVC membrane adapts to climates with ease.

The Protan SE membrane series is a polyester reinforced PVC membrane that is used on exposed roof surfaces. It can be fastened mechanically or laid loose in a vacuum roof system. The membrane can be laid on all types of substrates, including both warm and cold roofs. Protan SE membrane can be used on all shapes and combinations of roofs – flat, pitched roofs and curved.


We offer the Protan SE membrane products to customers, whom recommend install exposed roofing in systems with vacuum or mechanical fastening. These roofing systems are suitable for flat and pitched roofs on new builds and renovation projects.

The membrane is made of softened PVC and has polyester yarn reinforcement. Protan SE membrane contains stabilizers that allow the produce to withstand high and low temperatures, and the products are UV and flame retardant.

The products are highly tear-resistant, which is particularly important for mechanical fastening on roofs exposed to wind. Protan SE membrane, which remains flexible in cold temperatures, is the easiest product to install in harsh temperatures, which is an advantage in Nordic climates.

The Protan membrane products feature a unique non-slip surface as standard that provides an aesthetically pleasing surface. Compared with materials without a non-slip surface, this represents a significant safety factor when walking on the roof particulary in wet weather during installation and regular maintenance.

The non-slip surface is also aesthetically pleasing. The membrane is welded together using hot air.