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Turf roofs are a traditional roof solution in the Nordics, especially for holiday homes in the mountains, but turf roof are increasingly being used to soften the urban environment as well.


Turf Roofs

Turf roofs are commonly used on cottages in the countryside but are being increasingly used in urban areas.

For a turf roof to be as lush and attractive as possible, the key is a careful choice of membrane. Protan has developed a membrane for turf roofs that offers the best possible growth potential – whether you want to enjoy the sight of a green roof out in the country or at home in the city.

A turf roof is a special variety of what is known as an extensive green roof. Extensive green roofs are covered with a thin layer of earth or growth-medium mats and typical plants used are species of succulents or moss.

Root resistant

Protan turf roof membranes are made of softened PVC, reinforces with a polyester fabric core and polyester felt laminated to the underside. In addition to being root resistant, they are fire classified and stabilised to tolerate UV radiation as well as heat and cold.

Protan turf roof membranes are used on cold, ventilated sloping roofs, where they are attached to the substrate and welded with hot air. Typically installed onto a ventilated wooden substrate and then the turf is placed directly on the turf roof membrane.

Does not need a drainage layer

A drainage sheet is often used with this type of solution to ensure that moisture and condensation drains away. But Protan’s turf roof membranes have properties that prevent germinating roots from penetrating the roof membrane. This extreme root resistance makes a drainage layer unnecessary.



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