High radon resistance with Protan RadonSafe

Protan RadonSafe is a strong airtight radon membrane that protects buildings against radon gas from the ground up.


Protan RadonSafe

Made of polyester-reinforced thermoplastic polyolefin, RadonSafe provides high radon resistance by preventing radon gas from seeping in from the ground.

Joints on the membrane are welded by means of hot air, ensuring durability and a tight seal. Membranes joined in this way are usually much more airtight that those without welded joints.

If your building is not radon protected, there is no need to wait: Protan RadonSafe can be installed year-round in all weather.

Why you need radon protection

Norway has a very high concentration of the noble gas radon in the ground. Measurements show that many buildings have a concentration of radon in the inside air that is over the recommended level of 200 Bz/m2 set by the Norwegian government’s Radiation Protection Regulations.

Radiation emitted by radon gas can damage cells or cause them to die, as well as damage DNA molecules in the body. This can lead to mutations and thus cancer. The Cancer Association has identified radon gas as the biggest risk factor for lung cancer after smoking.

It is obligatory to provide a radon barrier in all new buildings where there will be human activity.



Get fast radon protection

By choosing Protan RadonSafe you can be sure your building has sound radon protection. We also offer prefabricated complete membranes adapted to the floor plan of the building for the fastest possible delivery.

With standard delivery Protan RadonSafe is supplied in 20-metre rolls, two metres wide and 0,8 millimetres thick.

Benefits of Protan RadonSafe

100% airtight.
Excellent durability and sound installation.
Strong and homogenous joints.
Installed in all weather.
Welded with hot air.
Approved in all user groups.

Radon gas easily seeps through even the smallest cracks and loose joins. Since it is invisible and odourless, there is no physical sign that the concentration is damaging to health. This is why it is extremely important that radon protection is carried out by skilled and experienced fitters. We recommend using a radon sealant on installation.

Sintef-approved radon protection

ProtanSafe can be used for protection against radon in user groups A, B or C.
User group A: The membrane is installed in the foundation pit on a levelled base.
User group B: The membrane is installed on a levelled base of insulation.
User group C: The membrane is installed on a levelled concrete slab or something similar.

Protan RadonSafe has accessories that ensure that tricky areas are easy to seal during installation. These include:

Prefabricated inside corner in radon membrane.
Prefabricated pipe penetrations in radon membrane in several sizes.
Radon extractor.
Radon sump that acts as a drain to drain away water during the construction period and any extraction during the building’s lifetime.

Facts about radon

Radon (Rn 222) is a radioactive, invisible and odourless noble gas that is continuously created from uranium. Uranium occurs naturally in many of our rocks, for example, alum shale, granite and granitic gneiss.

Uranium is radioactive and breaks down very slowly, with a half-life of four billion years. Over time uranium breaks down to, among other things, radon. Radon, in turn, breaks quickly down to residual products bismuth, polonium and lead, with a half-life of about 3,8 days. It is the transition from radon to residual products that is a danger to people.

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