Moisture damage to bathrooms and wet rooms can be expensive, and the cause is often found behind the tiles.

With Protan’s durable membrane systems for all types of wet rooms you avoid leakage and problems with damp, mould, rot and corrosion.


Wet Room Membranes

Moisture damage in bathrooms and wet rooms can be an expensive experience, and the cause is often found behind the tiles. Leakages are often the result of a leaky bathroom membrane or the lack of a membrane for a wet room, but they can also be caused by poor installation. This is why it pays to be extra careful with your choice of wet room membrane and fitter.

Secure membranes from floor to roof

Since the consequences of sloppy work in the bathroom can be extremely costly, there are fortunately strict regulations for products and work carried out in wet rooms. Protan’s membrane systems satisfy all industry demands.

In addition, they are easy to install. This means that work goes faster and the chances of making mistakes are reduced.

Membranes for bathrooms

The Protan G base membrane for wet rooms has SINTEF technical approval and, of course, follows construction industry regulations for wet rooms. This also applies to all membranes produced by Protan-owned Litex, which produces and sells complete wet room systems.

The production of Protan and Litex wet room membranes is subject to internal and external quality control.

Our membrane systems can be used as base membranes both on wet room floors and walls. The membrane is laid on top of the underfloor heating cables or under the slabs. They can be used with both newbuilds or when renovating existing wet rooms.

Advantages of Protan base membranes for wet rooms

The Protan G wet room membrane is a flexible base membrane produced under controlled conditions at the factory. We offer prefabricated details for corners and penetrations that enable work to be carried out quickly and provide optimal moisture proofing for your bathroom.

Protan’s base membranes are easily installed in one operation with no drying time necessary.

The membrane has an even standard thickness of 1,5 mm. It has good diffusion sealing, good elongation at breaks and a documented long lifetime. The membrane is welded with hot air at the construction site, which ensures waterproof results. This is the best solution against leakage.

Why you should choose a base membrane

A base membrane is one of two types of wet room membranes on the market. We recommend our base membranes because they are the most secure and quickest to install. An entire membrane of even thickness is laid in one operation, which ensures a sound and durable solution.

Coating membranes, also known as ….., are the other type of wet room membrane. These come in liquid form and must be built up at a construction site layer by layer.

This can be a challenging task because it requires a dry, clean and temperate substrate. In addition, hardening and drying specifications must be carefully adhered to. The process is time consuming, and results are very dependent on the fitter’s work. It is not possible to control the thickness and quality of a coating membrane once it is in place.

Protan follows all laws and regulations for wet rooms

There are strict requirements for products and processes in the construction industry. This is to ensure high quality and to take care of health and the environment both during construction and when the completed building is being used.

By choosing wet room membranes from Protan and Litex, you get a product that meets all industry requirements.

SINTEF technical approval of a wet room membrane documents that the product is suitable for use as a waterproof layer on floors and walls in bathrooms, washrooms and other rooms with similar moisture levels in homes, hotels and institutions.

The construction industry’s wet room standard (BVN) is an industry standard developed by the Norwegian Technical Council for wet rooms (FFV). It is primarily used as a tool for the planning and executing of work in wet rooms, and is adapted for existing laws, requirements and the Norsk Standard (Norwegian Standard). The BNV provides technical guidelines for how materials and products are approved and how work should be carried out. In addition, the standard describes the order in which tasks and control procedures should be done. The BVN can be used as a tool for both newbuilds and renovations.



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