Protan FlexiGround-T

Protan FlexiGround-T

Protan FlexiGround-T is a homogenous, flexible waterproofing membrane for water contructions, foundations and basements.


The membrane is designed for functionality and versatility and can both be used for waterproofing of below ground level constructions and for geomembrane applications. The product has a dark grey surface and is available in different thicknesses.


Below ground level constructions:

• Horisontal and vertical waterproofing of foundations, basements and terraces.
• Underground infrastructure exposed to ground water pressure, including
domestic buildings, public buildings, industry buildings and urban infrastructure, such as parking garages.

Geomembrane applications:

• Sealing of water structures such as artificial lakes, ponds, irrigation canals,
watercourses and waterfalls, dams and hydraulic structures.
• Rain water retention systems in urban areas.
• Fire water reservoirs for large buildings.


  • Complies with EN 13967 and meets all standard requirements
  • UV- and weather resistant
  • Homogenous membrane (there is no reinforcement inside the product)
  • Not compatible with bitumen
  • The membrane is welded together using hot air which provides a homogenous joint
  • The membrane can be recycled and has a low carbon footprint