Protan Prefabricated accessories for Radon Safe environment

Protan Prefabricated accessories for Radon Safe environment

Radon is a gas that chooses the path of least resistance. It is therefore extremely important that penetrations and terminations are 100% sealed.


A recommended solution is to seal using a radon membrane with sufficiently high radon resistance and air tightness underneath the building. Protan RadonSafe is a polyester reinforced TPO radon membrane. The membrane is joined together by overlapping and then hot-air welding. This choice of material and welding method ensure strong and homogeneous joints. Protan RadonSafe can be used for protection against radon in usage groups A, B and C.

Protan RadonSafe’s welded joints are normally considerably better than for non-welded products in terms of air tightness.

Protan RadonSafe can be provided with accessories that ensure difficult details are easily sealed during installation. In addition, the work must carried out by professional roofing contractors who have received instruction from Protan.

Protan RadonSafe behaves reliably, and can be installed throughout year round in all weather conditions. Protan can also prefabricate whole membranes designed to match the physical layout of the building for the fastest possible installation.

Details we can offer are:

  • Inside corners of radon membrane
  • Outside corners of radon membrane
  • Radon pipe penetrations
  • Radon extractors
  • Radonndrains


  • Protan sealant
  • Radon meters