Protan BP Green.png

Protan BP

Protan BP and BPX are thermoplastic roofing membranes with extra high strength and quality. Protan BPX has polyester felt attached to the bottom side.


The membranes are particularly strong and extra robust and have good properties at both high and low temperatures. They are also fire retardant, has good resistance to UV radiation and pollution. Protan BP and BPX are used for exposed roofs which, together with specified accessories, are used for water retention as an additional function in the Protan BlueProof roofing system. The membranes can be mechanically attached to the load-bearing layer of the roof, or installed as
vacuum roofs.

Characteristics / Benefits:

  •  The membrane has a textured surface which provides increased friction and an aesthetic finish. Compared with membranes without a texture, this represents a significant safety factor for both during installation and maintenance.
  • The membrane is welded together using hot air which provides a homogenous joint.
  • Installation is safe without the use of an open flame.
  • Weather independent installation.
  • Protan membrane can be recycled and has a low carbon footprint.