Protan's parapet system provides stability to the roof

Protan's parapet system provides stability to the roof

Our parapet system guarantees an elegant, weather-tight, robust solution for one of the roof's most challenging and wind-exposed elements.


The roof's weapon against high winds

The wind forces on a roof are stronger at the roof edge. A roof edge with an upstand is known as a parapet. Wind damage can easily occur unless the roof covering is well secured. Our system is a combination of the Protan Steel Bar and our prefabricated Parapet Skirt with a welded strip or pocket.

Protan Parapet System

  • flexible system
  • reliable and cost-effective
  • simple to install


The Protan Parapet Skirt is our membrane with a reinforced strip or pocket pre-welded to the reverse. The Parapet Skirt is supplied in standard colours and dimensions, but can also be supplied in dimensions specified by the customer. High parapets require more fastening on the vertical surface, so in this case the Parapet Skirt comes with extra strips.

Reduced point loading

Protan requires the membrane at the transition between the roof surface and the parapet to be fastened linearly. Our Steel Bar provides a good air seal and linear retention, as well as reducing the risk of point loading at the welds and fastenings. The strength and rigidity of the bar ensures that horizontal and vertical forces in the roofing are transferred to it as an evenly distributed load. We accept several technical solutions for parapet fastening, but Protan's approved steel bars must be used with all of them.

Protan provides four different standardised parapet systems

Protan parapet skirt with reinforced strip in combination with the Protan grips steel bar
Protan parapet with pocket and extra strip for high parapet
Protan parapet skirt with pocket in combination with the Protan steel bar
Protan parapet skirt with strip in combination with the Protan grip steel bar and welding cord

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