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Protan’s Flood Protection – Secure Your Values Against the Flood

When the flood threatens, it is critical to act quickly to protect what is important. In an era where extreme weather is becoming increasingly common, Protan offers a groundbreaking solution: flood protection that stands against the water masses with unwavering strength.


Mobile Flood Protection for Future Challenges

Protan’s flood protection is a mobile and flexible solution to the flooding problem. This system is specially developed to provide immediate protection against unpredictable water level increases and can be the crucial tool that guards against flood damage. In a situation where traditional flood defense is both expensive and slow, Protan offers a fast and effective alternative.

Cost-Effective and User-Friendly

Protan’s flood protection represents a cost-effective and user-friendly approach to flood defense. With simple installation that requires minimal equipment, a small team can quickly set up a solid barrier against the floodwater.

Innovative Design for Optimal Efficiency

Made of durable PVC material, the flood protection is constructed to withstand tough conditions. PVC sausages in 10-meter sections are easily connected with a male-female solution. This enables the rapid establishment of a continuous barrier against the flood.

Rapid Response in Critical Situations

When time is of the essence, Protan’s flood protection is the solution. By filling the PVC sausage directly on-site, the need for heavy and extensive transport is eliminated. The product is compact enough to be transported on a regular trailer and can be set up quickly. A team of four can assemble 100 meters of flood protection in just 30 minutes.

Prepared for the Future’s Extreme Weather

With a future that is likely to bring more extreme weather, it is essential for municipalities and emergency services to be prepared with effective solutions. Protan’s flood protection is such a solution, offering a fast and reliable method to protect against flood damage.

  • Mobile Flood Protection: A flexible and fast solution to meet unpredictable water level increases.
  • Cost-Effective: Eliminates the need for expensive and labor-intensive traditional flood defense.
  • Simple Implementation: Requires minimal equipment and can be set up quickly by a small team.
  • Robust Material: Made of durable PVC material to withstand tough conditions.
  • Modular Design: 10-meter sections that are easily connected to create a continuous barrier.
  • Rapid Response: Can be filled with water on-site, providing an immediate defense line against rising water.
  • Compact and User-Friendly: Easy to transport and quick to set up, ideal for emergency services and municipalities.
  • FutureProof: An effective solution to handle increasing extreme weather and flood risk. Reusable.

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Flood Protection System   The Flood Protection System by Protan is an effective, functional and mobile protection against flood danger.   Download the brochure for Flood protection here.  
TT - Flood protection.jpg
Protan PVC-coated textiles are manufactured in many qualities

Protan PVC-coated textiles are manufactured in many qualities

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