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Prawn production with a safe secure cover from Protan

In a disused prawn processing plant at the coast in Jæren, Norway, a 200 000-litre tank is going to be filled with tropical prawns. To ensure its sustainability, an environmentally friendly Protan BlueSafe cover will be used in the operation.


Protan has over 80 years of experience in technical textiles for a range of uses. Protan is also internationally known for its roofing products, and it also actively uses experience from this area in products developed for ocean industries.

The concrete tank at Happy Prawns looks more like a swimming pool than a breeding tank, both in size and shape. A Protan Blue Safe cover has been placed internally in the prawn tank.

Pre-produced cover sheets have been joined, fitted to the area and leak tested by Protan roofing experts. This means the pool liner is extremely well fitted, providing a good foundation for the breeding of quality prawns.

When sustainability and the environment count

Happy Prawns has a sustainable profile and strives to make its production methods as environmentally friendly as possible. There are no chemicals in the food and water, and no microplastic or other debris is emitted.

The closed system, with a Protan BlueSafe cover, helps to eliminate the spread of disease and ensures animal welfare. There are also no emissions from production that can damage the surrounding ocean or environment.

Who are Happy Prawns?

Happy Prawns is a Norwegian company that produces king prawns, Litopenaeus Vannamei, in Jæren, Norway. The company was established in 2017 by its present CEO Magnar Hansen and has a capacity of about 60 tonnes of prawns. The company plans to establish a new 35 000 m2 facility at Kviamarka Industrial Park comprising 52 tanks. Start-up is planned for 2022.

The facility will be linked to a Tine dairy facility and excess heat from the dairy production will be used to heat the water. By using waste heat in this way, not only does the company save on energy costs but it also ensures a more environmentally friendly operation in line with its values.

By choosing Protan as a collaboration partner for its prawn pool, Happy Prawns is able to further help fulfil its sustainability and environmental ambitions.

Jan Børge Harsvik - Sales Manager – Technical Textiles

Jan Børge Harsvik

Sales Manager – Technical Textiles

Protan’s technical textiles for ocean industries

  • 100% recyclable material, free from lead and microplastic. 
  • Extremely durable: Long lifespan, minimal maintenance, low cost. 
  • Approved for drinking water. 
  • Reduces microplastic in the ocean. 
  • At the end of their lifespan, our products can be recirculated via our recovery scheme reception scheme and subsequently reused/recycled. 
  • Produced and developed in Norway

Protan BlueSafe®

Protan BlueSafe is a series of innovative and completely recyclable PVC covers that will help the aquaculture industry to solve many of the environmental challenges it faces.

Protan BlueSafe products meet the ocean industries’ need for sustainability, biosecurity and food safety.

The cover does not emit microplastics, is specially developed for use in salt water and is approved for drinking water storage.

Being completely smooth, organisms are 70 percent less likely to grow on its surface, thus reducing maintenance costs and increasing lifespan.

Protan BlueSafe

Protan BlueSafe is a series of innovative and completely recyclable PVC covers that will help the aquaculture industry to solve many of the environmental challenges it faces