Ventiflex Details

Ventiflex Details

All Ventiflex fittings are developed to optimise airflow in accordance with the laws of aerodynamics. Our solutions are also produced in the strongest duct quality to withstand high stress.

Ventiflex fittings come are available in all diameters and for all coupling systems. They can also be customised to specification for more extreme ventilation duct installations, such as long duct installations, to ensure optimum airflow.


The range of Ventiflex details comprises:

  • Y-pieces
  • Bends
  • Branches
  • T-pieces
  • Adapters, reducers and expanders

Protan Ventiflex Couplings

Our range of couplings covers a variety of uses for underground ventilation for mines and tunnels.

Protan Ventiflex Suspension Hooks

Our strong suspension hooks are easy to install and ensure safety and flexibility.

Arndt Hedtkamp - Sales Manager – Tunneling & Mining

Arndt Hedtkamp

Sales Manager – Tunneling & Mining