The flooring in portable tents is often the same membrane used in the rest of the tent. These materials are often designed to be smooth. The embossed surface of Protan Anti-Slip reduces the risk of falls: Anti-slip flooring reduces the risk of people slipping and falling. This is particularly important in high-traffic areas where water and spillages can make the floor slippery.

Protan Anti-Slip enables temporary structures to comply with current safety standards and regulations in relation to anti-slip flooring requirements. Read also the case: Protan supplies membrane for NorLense's high-pressure inflatable tents.

Advantages of Protan Anti-slip:

  • Can be used in applications where friction is required, such as stage floors, sports mats and ordinary flooring.
  • The product is fire certified according to B-S2,d0.
  • Protan Anti-Slip has exceptional qualities, ideal for temporary structures, such as halls for storage, industry, sports, retail and more. The embossed surface provides a non-slip surface for specialised applications.

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A little about the company NorLense

Norlense AS was founded in 1975 and manufactures oil booms, equipment for the aquaculture industry and inflatable high-pressure tents. These are used by defence forces, humanitarian organisations and emergency services for e.g. field hospitals and accommodation. A global company with sales offices in Sandvika, UK and Brazil. The head office is located in Fiskebøl in Lofoten where they have 13 different nationalities working.

Norlense uses Protan's membrane for tents, both externally and as an anti-slip floor. They rely on a supplier who understands the importance of a PVC material that works equally well in cold and warm environments. "Our customers expect high quality, which is why we use Protan," says NorLense. In their co-operation with Protan, they say that they are satisfied with the delivery capability, flexibility and professional approach.

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