Making urban green

Making urban green

The Protan Green Roof system can accommodate biodiverse, extensive and intensive planting schemes and adds an environmentally-friendly aesthetic to a building.


Product Summary

  • Bio-diversity Net Gain (BNG): The implementation of green roofs in urban areas significantly improves the species diversity in the area.
  • Energy saving: Green roof systems maintain temperatures at a lower rate than traditional roofs, saving money on air conditioning in the warmer months.
  • Air pollution effects and carbon sequestration: Plants naturally absorb harmful pollutants from the atmosphere, therefore reducing local air pollution.
  • Increased value and aesthetic appeal: The reduction in energy cost and an increase in the roof’s lifespan has resulted in the increase in property values.

Green Roof System

Green roofs are increasing in popularity in the UK for aesthetic, environmental and recreational reasons. Protan’s green roof systems offer significant benefits to the building’s performance and the environment.

The Protan Green roof system can accommodate a range of planting schemes, all of which meet strict guidelines, as follows:

  • Extensive roofs include green roofs, brown roofs and bio-diverse roofs. This covers lightweight and shallow substrates, is low maintenance and is not for use as an amenity space.
  • Intensive roofs are designed for use as an amenity space. It is used for hard and soft landscaping and deeper soils with increased loadings. The turf can be grass or artificial.

For green roofs we recommend the Protan G membrane. It is manufactured from pliable PVC reinforced with glass fibre. The PVC contains stabilisers, which make the membrane resistant to both high and low temperatures and UV-stable; and a fungicide for added resistance to microbial attack. It is available in a thickness of 1.5mm and in dark grey and light grey colours as standard.

We work with strategic partners to supply the complete green roof solution, including drainage layer, filter fleece, growing medium and planting medium, although this varies depending upon the nature of the planting scheme.

All of Protan’s green roof systems conform to the SUDS requirements (Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems), and can be used to meet BREEAM accreditations across numerous categories.

SUDS is becoming increasingly important in terms of planning. Its aim is to ensure that rainfall is managed across all areas of construction, particularly on roofs. The green roof’s sedum or wildflower mat and growing medium soaks up the rainwater, thereby significantly reducing run-off and consequently reducing the risk of flooding.

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Vega Scene, Oslo

Vega Scene, Oslo

A prize-winning cinema and concert hall in downtown Oslo, situated in a densly populated area. It has a roof that combines the aesthetics of a green roof with Protan BlueProof water attenuation system - a modern BlueGreen roof.

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