Kind of blue, kind of green

Kind of blue, kind of green

The Protan BlueProof Green Solution was nominated for the Norwegian Construction Industry Innovation Prize.


Protan BlueProof Green

Protan BlueProof Green combines secure surface water management with a green garden on the top of a building. This is what we call a bluegreen roof.

Look at all the unused, grey and dead roof areas in every Norwegian town or city. All you see is roof tiles, roof felting, ventilation systems and satellite dishes. What if you could rather see parks, nursery schools, football pitches, roof terraces, vegetable gardens and beehives?

This is not a vague dream. The roof surfaces in Norwegian towns and cities have an unrealised potential that is only limited by the architect or builder’s fantasy.

Protan supplies green and bluegreen roofing solutions to you who would like your roof to be more than just a roof.

A striking rooftop

Norway’s first bluegreen roof is at the top of Vega Scene in Oslo – fitted with Protan’s BlueProof Green. The roof is now a research site, where flora from the islands in the Oslo fjord has been planted. During torrential downpours the roof functions as an attenuation system, where filtered water is released gradually and in a controlled way into the Akers river. This prevents it from flooding out into an already overburdened drainage system.

Protan BlueProof Green was nominated for the Construction Industry Innovation Prize and will change the future of the construction industry. A beautiful green roof is equipped with technology that will protect the surroundings against extreme weather as a result of climate change.

Why you should choose Protan BlueProof Green today:

  • It offers a bio-diverse communal area for residents.
  • You will have a sustainable future-oriented building with an extra outside area, which increases market value.
  • It insulates the building and has a cooling and cleansing effect on the environment.
  • It acts as a green “carpet” that protects the roof and increases its lifespan.
  • Solar panels on the rooftop can provide the building with self-produced and clean energy.
  • It is the most cost-effective system as compared with other attenuation systems.
  • It frees up areas that would otherwise be used for water drainage.
  • It is a safe and effective SINTEF-approved system with a long-lasting guarantee and minimal maintenance.


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