Protan FPO/TPO Single Ply Roofing Systems

Protan FG is a flexible membrane suitable for both exposed roofs and protected constructions. The membrane is suitable for all building sectors, including new build and refurbishment. Protan FG can be mechanically fastened to the load bearing substrate or installed loose laid and secured with ballast.

Protan FG is a synthetic FPO/TPO roof and waterproofing membrane made of Flexible Polyolefines with a central glass fleece. Protan FG membrane contains stabilisers that allow the product to withstand high and low temperatures, and the product is UV stabilised and fire classified BROOF (t1) on several substrates.

Protan FG can be used to increase the usability of a building. It is perfect as a protected membrane under concrete paving, gravel, or a green roof.

Reasons for choosing Protan FG roofing systems:

  • White surface which provides high solar reflectivity
  • Recyclable and has a low carbon footprint
  • Quick to install in all weather
  • Good chemical resistance
  • High elongation
  • Hot air welding
    -no solvents needed for preparing the welds
    -provides a homogenous joint
  • No extra sealing of the joints required
  • Bitumen and Polystyrene compatible
  • Very good dimensional stability

Protan’s quality, long service life and recyclable materials, enables us to deliver robust single ply membranes with one of the roofing industry’s lowest CO2 footprints.

For your flat or low-sloped roof, Protan FG can easily be installed on constructions with profiled metal sheeting, timber or concrete. That means that this flexible solution can meet your needs of requirements and design specifications. An exposed, mechanically fastened membrane minimises the weight per square metre in a roof construction. FPO/TPO roofs are very low maintenance and durable; resisting dirt, bacteria, algae and debris build-up. The flexibility of the membrane makes it highly resistant to tears, punctures and impact damage. With strong hot-air welded seams, the roof will have extra durability. Protan FG is a robust, costeffective, environmental friendly and durable single-ply roofing system, that protect your values for the future. Protan FG is suitable for both new build and refurbishment project.

There are many possibilities for increasing the usability of buildings. You may want to utilise the roof for recreations, aesthetical and environmental reasons, or want to provide extra living space for the building’s occupants by creating terraces and green areas. Protan FG is well suited for these constructions and is suitable for both new build or refurbishment project. The advantage of the ballasted system is that the roof membrane is protected from external environmental influences, such as UV light. In protected constructions, the roofing layer is installed as a loose covering without using attachment materials, such as fasteners, on the roof surface. The ballast is used to hold the membrane in place instead of using mechanical fasteners or adhesives.

Protan is a Norwegian industrial group that is a world leader in membrane technology.
We develop and supply membranes, roof systems, ventilation systems and technical textiles. Our head office is in Norway, and we have more than 750 employees and a total turnover in excess of NOK 1.4 billion. With over 70 years’ experience, Protan has developed innovative solutions that are adapted to a global market and demanding climates. We work closely with our customers and suppliers to stay at the forefront of technology, the environment and competence. This gives us unique experience and insight that means that we can deliver flexible, tailor-made solutions adapted to local requirements – whether our customers need environmentally friendly roofing, ventilation for demanding environments or other technical protection. Our most important role as an international group is to protect values by supplying world-leading solutions.



Protan delivers 315 000 square meters of Roofing membrane to three large Warehouses in Poland


Protan has supplied the roof on the Statoil office building in Fornebu


Polipack industrial building in Riga, Latvia

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