Exposed roofs

Exposed roofs

Protan provides robusted roofing and membrane solutions world wide. Technology makes us efficient in customisation for the specific environment

“Exposed roofs'' is a collective term for all roofs with a visible and weather-exposed surface..

Protan supplies strong and durable roof coverings that offer architects and builders the safety and flexibility to use our roofing systems for different purposes and aesthetic solutions that require that little bit extra.

Protan has 50 years experience in producing high-quality roof coverings with a long documented lifetime. These Ttechnically sound and sustainable roof coverings, are developed for extreme Nordic climates, making exposed roofs easy to look after and maintain.

Protan’s roofing solutions can be used on all types of substrates, whether new-builds or refurbishment projects. The roof coverings are quickly installed, and all joints are welded with hot air. Protan’s thermoplastic membranes have a low carbon footprint, are recyclable and, since electrical welding equipment is used, are installed without with zero emissions.

Protan supplies roof coverings in both PVC and bitumen for installation on exposed roofs


  • Protan offers a range of products for exposed roofs.
  • The products are fastened mechanically, by means of a vacuum or with adhesives specially designed for the roof construction.
  • The roofing is well suited for both flat and sloped roofs, and for newbuilds as well as refurbishment projects.
  • Protan’s roofing and membrane products are reinforced according to use and coated with PVC-P (plasticized).
  • The roof coverings have an embossed textured surface providing friction, making them safer during installation and maintenance.

Protan – a sustainable choice

Produced in Norway.

Low weight and small volume.

Smaller carbon footprint than bitumen roofing.

Emissions-free installation – Protan membranes are welded with electrical hot air equipment.

Can be recycled or reused.

Fulfills the various environmental certification requirements, such as BREEAM.


See EPDs for Protan products

Protan Fireproofing solutions

Protan’s roof coverings for exposed roofs are self-extinguishing and do not spread fire readily.

They satisfy the requirements for fire class BROOF (t1)(t2)(t3)(t4) on the most common substrates.

Protan roof coverings are welded with hot air and not an open flame, so provide a safe method of construction.

In 2015 Finans Norge revised its safety requirements to tighten the rules around the use of open flames on roofing. By choosing Protan’s solutions, builders avoid this risk.

Why is tear strength important?

Protan products have extremely resistant to tear. This is especially important to prevent roofs from being blown off or damaged by wind in areas prone to strong wind.

Tear strength also helps roofs to tolerate sharp temperature swings and the big temperature differences between the warm and cold seasons of the Nordic climate.

Protan roofing is thus extremely durable and, if installed correctly and with proper follow-up, can last up to 40 years.

Technical Drawings

Technical Drawings

On this webpage you will find an overview of Protan’s technical drawings. These are categorised by application area and are available in PDF and DWG formats.

Documentation and certificates

Documentation and certificates

ere you will find product documentation and certificates

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