Protan Turf Roof Membranes

Protan root turf mebranes are specially manufactured to withstand root damage,UV radiation and heat.The membrane can withstand air pressure also.

Protan turf roof membrane is root-resistant and stabilized so it can withstand UV radiation and heat. It is polyester reinforced and designed to transmit wind forces and BROOF (t1) and BROOF (t2) fire classified. Polyester Felt is laminated on the reverse side of the membrane to protect the membrane against mechanical stresses resulting from uneven surfaces.

The Protan turf roof system does not require a drainage layer.

Protan Turf Roofs

Protan's Turf Roof Membrane is installed on the wooden roof boards with turf directly on top. The resistance of the membrane to roots, combined with its water proofing properties, means that there is no need to use a drainage layer in the solution.

Protan Prefabricated details

Protan has one of the widest ranges of prefabricated details on the market, including details for corners, pipes and upstands.