Ballasted and Green Roofs

Covered membranes in roof structures are generally referred to as ballasted or protected roofs. The ballast can be concrete slabs, pebbles or soil as the basis for a green roof.

Even better protected

With protected roofs the membrane is protected against direct stress caused by climate and temperature fluctuations, tears, punctures and other mechanical damage.

Ballasted and Green Roofs

  • aesthetic design freedom
  • protection against external stress
  • increased fire safety

For both new builds and renovation

Our membranes for ballasted, green and turf roofs are suitable for both new build and renovation projects. They offer excellent quality and a long life.

Natural surroundings

Protected roofs can be used as an open space, recreational area or roof garden. These solutions offer great freedom in terms of aesthetics, contribute to more natural surroundings by using pebbles or plants, and provide better acoustics. The weight of the ballast requires the load-bearing structure to be engineered for the purpose.

With protected roofs there are several options when it comes to positioning the membrane:


Protan also provides membranes for several types of green roofs:


Protan FG is a flexible membrane suitable for both exposed roofs and protected constructions. The membrane is suitable for all building sectors, including new build and refurbishment. Protan FG can be mechanically fastened to the load bearing substrate or installed loose laid and secured with ballast.

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Protan Ballasted Roofs

Covered water pressure membranes in roof structures are generally referred to as protected roofs. The ballast material may be concrete slabs, shingle, or soil as the surface for a planted roof.

Protan Inverted Roofing Systems

Inverted roofs are an insulated, ballasted roof structure with the membrane under the insulation.

Protan Dual Roofing Systems

Dual solutions have insulation both over and under the membrane. The membrane is provided with extra protection against temperatures and mechanical loading from both sides.

Protan Normal Roofing System

The Protan Normal Roofing System is an insulated construction with the membrane directly under the ballast.

Protan Green Roofs

Green roofs with turf and grass are an ancient Scandinavian construction technique that goes back hundreds of years.

Protan Extensive Green Roofs

Extensive green roofs are characterised by the roof being covered with a thin layer of soil or growing medium mats, typically planted with succulent and moss species.

Protan Intensive Green Roofs

Intensive green roofs have a thick layer of soil and can be laid out as a roof garden with trees, shrubs and hedges.

Protan Turf Roofs

Protan's Turf Roof Membrane is installed on the wooden roof boards with turf directly on top. The resistance of the membrane to roots, combined with its water proofing properties, means that there is no need to use a drainage layer in the solution.